30 Aug

Bitcoin Buys: Get HBO Go for $10 without a US cable subscription

HBO is the arguably the most popular Cable TV Network in America responsible fan favourites such as Entourage, Sex and the City, Game of Thrones, True Detective and Silicon Valley.

HBO offers two online video on demand services to with all the content from their TV network, HBO Go for those subscribed to their channel through a Cable TV service and HBO Now a standalone service for US customers that sign up directly.

There’s a lot of Americans out there that have a Cable TV subscription including HBO and want to save money on their subscription costs by reselling their HBO Go video on demand login accounts.

The cheapest one I found is for only $10USD for a whole friggin year! If you were to signup with HBO Now it’d cost you $14.99USD a month.

To get HBO Go, signup to CryptoThrift and purchase your HBO Go account here.

What you’ll need:

1. Unblock-US VPN for Geoblocking/Geododging (Australians only)

Check out my post here on how to setup Unblock US

2. Bitcoin

CryptoThrift only accepts Bitcoin or Litecoin as a form of payment. I recommend using Bitcoin.

There are two easy ways to convert into Bitcoin:

  1. Open an account with CoinJar which you can then BPAY transfer cash from your account to CoinJar and then convert it into Bitcoin at the current market rate for a 1%
  2. Buy some from a seller on LocalBitcoin:

3. HBO Go compatible device

Here’s a list of compatible devices you can use HBO Go on. I personally use and swear by the Roku 3. The cheapest place to get a Roku 3 is on eBay.

4. Fast Internet Connection (Australians Only)

Aussies are deprived of fast internet… and compared to other video on demand services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, HBO Go has by far the worst servers, meaning it relies way more on your internet connection. For HBO Go to run smoothly with minimal buffering, you’ll need to have an ADSL2 connection where you’re really close to the tower or a Fiber connection, the lucky few out there.

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