13 May

3 reasons to get Netflix US instead of Netflix Australia

There’s been a lot of hype about the release of Netflix in Australia, but we’re almost getting a Netflix “Light” in comparison to the American one.

Here’s a few reasons to subscribe to Netflix US.

1. 5,270 less Movies and 720 less TV shows

Other streaming services such as Stan, Presto, Quickflix, EzyFlix and also Foxtel have exclusive rights to content readily available on US Netflix
Back in March, the Sydney Morning Herald did a comparison of content available from Netflix AU and Netflix US. Here’s how it looks:

Content TypeNetflix AustraliaNetflix USDifference
Movies90061705270 less
TV Shows220940720 less

2. Missing many of the Top rated TV Shows available on Netflix US
are running an up to date list of TV Series available on US Netflix by their IMDB rankings. Out of the 349 TV series listed, Netflix Australia only has 37 of them (when I last counted)

3. You can get it cheap through Account Sharing

There are Americans out there looking to save money on their subscriptions and offering their logins for a fee that is less than Netflix Australia on places like CryptoThrift (You’ll need to have Bitcoins to purchase from CryptoThrift, I recommend setting up an account through CoinJar).

To be able to access Netflix US, you’ll need a geoblocker/VPN, checkout my post on Unblock US for an easy way to set one up.

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