2 Oct

Bitcoin Buys: 12 month Hulu Plus subscriptions starting from $5

hulu plus

Hulu is a another premium streaming TV service  like Netflix that offers thousands of hours of the best of current season programming, it’s own original shows and full seasons of hit series.

It is a must have for any TV buff…. being the only streaming subscription service that offers current season content from 5 of the 6 largest U.S. broadcast networks:

  • ABC
  • Comedy Central – Key and Peele, South Park
  • The CW – The Flash
  • FOX – Empire, Last Man on Earth, Gotham
  • NBC
  • MTV
  • Univision
  • Showtime (for an extra fee) – Ray Donovan

At CryptoThrift, there are people selling 12-24 month Hulu Plus accounts and gift cards ranging from $5-$17. That’s a massive saving as to subscribe directly with Hulu Plus costs $7.99 a month / $95.88 for 12 months.

Note: CryptoThrift only accepts payment by Bitcoin or Litecoin. Check out the instructions below on how to get some Bitcoin.

How to get Bitcoin

There are two easy ways to convert into Bitcoin:

  1. Open an account with CoinJar which you can then BPAY transfer cash from your account to CoinJar and then convert it into Bitcoin at the current market rate for a 1%
  2. Buy some from a seller on LocalBitcoin:

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